A Proven Way To Add 10-25% To Your Software License Revenues

A Proven Way To Add 10-25% To Your Software License RevenuesLet V.i. Labs Show You the Money

Studies show that for every paid version of your software, there are up to five unpaid in use. V.i. Labs tracks and recovers revenue from a previously untapped channel: people who are using your software with an unpaid license. Working with the largest ISVs on the planet, V.i. Labs' customers have identified $7 billion in potential new software license revenue and hundreds of millions have already been collected. Learn more about unpaid software.

Control Unpaid
Software Use

  • Identify prospects and customers using unlicensed software
  • Detect license enforcement failure
  • Respond with in-application messaging to drive revenue or stop unpaid use

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License Compliance

  • Identify software license overuse in existing accounts
  • Create actionable leads for software compliance managers
  • Accelerate license revenue recovery

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Drive New
License Revenue

  • Generate qualified leads for Sales
  • Convert unpaid users into paying customers
  • Add 10-25% to your top line revenues

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