Fact Sheet

Corporate Overview

In 2006 V.i. Labs delivered innovative software protection to allow software providers to protect their software IP and combat piracy. Through its industry relationships, software vendor experience, and piracy expertise, V.i. Labs uncovered that a majority of software vendors concerned about compliance lacked software intelligence to guide their compliance and license enforcement strategies.

V.i. Labs responded to this need in 2008 by introducing CodeArmor Intelligence, the first product solution that enabled software providers to create actionable intelligence of the use and misuse of their software products. Today, leading software vendors are reducing piracy, gaining new customers, and generating additional license revenue using V.i. Labs solutions.

Product Offering

CodeArmor® Intelligence – A product that delivers software intelligence on the use and misuse of applications and enables software vendors to implement direct or automated compliance programs to reduce piracy, gain new customers and add new license revenue.

Competitive Advantages

  • First commercial solution to quantify and report on piracy and overuse and enabling software vendors to convert this intelligence into actionable leads for license revenue recovery
  • Unlike technology-based license enforcement and protection approaches, software intelligence can be implemented within a wide variety of applications without impacting licensed customer use, application performance and with minimal impact on the software development lifecycle
  • V.i. Labs solutions are complementary to existing license enforcement technologies and compliance programs
  • Proven deployments and ROI with leading software vendors across a variety of industry segments


V.i. Labs focuses on software vendors that globally distribute their software (including PLM, EDA, CAD, CAM, scientific, oil and gas, productivity, and digital media software market segments). Its solutions have been applied and deployed in over $8 billion of software assets.

Currently, V.i. Labs top customers have uncovered more than $4 billion in license revenue opportunity globally using its CodeArmor Intelligence solution. Customers are experiencing an increase of 10-25% additional annual revenue based on their license revenue recovery activities.

CodeArmor Intelligence also reached a major milestone in 2012 by delivering more than $200 million in license revenue for customers.

Management Team

  • Joe Noonan, President and CEO
  • Victor DeMarines, VP, Products
  • Bart Hanlon, VP, Engineering
  • Kevin Ball, VP, Finance
  • Jim Nauen, VP, Global Sales

Board of Directors

  • Joe Noonan, President and CEO
  • David Pensak, Founder
  • Geoff Oblak, Ascent Ventures
  • Pascal Luck, Core Capital Partners
  • Ross Longfield, Rockford Capital



Privately Held


Waltham, Mass.


V.i. Laboratories, Inc.
130 Turner Street
Building 3
Waltham, MA 02453