What Hippos Have to Do With Software Usage Analytics (and Why You Should Care)

September 22, 2016

We are very excited for our upcoming webinar, Using the Right Data to Drive Better Product Decisions with Steve Johnson of Under 10 Consulting. Steve has been working in high tech product management since 1981, and spent more than 15 years as a Pragmatic Marketing instructor. If you've heard Steve speak before, you know this won't be dull, and [...]

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Software Analytics in Action – Why Aren’t More Trial Users Converting to Paying Customers?

September 7, 2016

The good news for marketing and sales is that people are downloading trial versions of your software in droves. The bad news is that only a small percentage of trial users are converting to paying customers. In many cases, software vendors know how many users download their trials, but lose insight once the trial software is installed. In one such [...]

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Software Analytics in Action – What Impact Will Increasing Minimum Display Resolution Requirements Have on Customers?

August 30, 2016

While there are (usually) always good reasons for making changes to your product's user interface, the challenge is to determine how those changes will impact your customers before you implement them. When developing a new user interface for its photo editing application, one of our customers needed to understand the impact of increasing its [...]

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Summer Blockbuster Series: Make Sure Your Software Intelligence Investment Pays Off

August 25, 2016

Summer – the perfect time to sit by the pool, soak in the sun and of course, contemplate your company’s software piracy problems. As you consider just how much you are losing to piracy, we thought we’d lend some lessons from another industry that is by no means immune to it – the movies. That standard of truth Entertainment Weekly recently ranked [...]

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Software Analytics in Action – Why Aren't Trial Users Taking Advantage of our Killer Feature?

August 18, 2016

Product managers’ beliefs about a feature and its benefits for users don’t always align with the customer’s actual experience. But how do you test your assumptions against that reality? One of our customers, an accounting software company, used software usage analytics to track all its major product features and how they were being used by its [...]

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