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Pirated Antivirus Applications 2015: A Closer Look

November 23, 2015

There’s an antivirus software product out there surging in popularity – and you would never know it from looking at its legitimate market share.

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Your Playbook for Ecommerce Conversion

November 10, 2015

You may remember Mike Schramm from our webinar on "Ecommerce Strategies for Converting Unpaid Users to Paying Customers." Mike is the former head of eCommerce Programs and Operations for Autodesk and is now advising software companies on digital marketing, ecommerce, and operations change management.

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The Road to CodeArmor Intelligence 5.0

October 29, 2015

You may have seen our announcement about CodeArmor Intelligence 5.0 last week, but I wanted to comment on the journey we’ve been on with our customers that's driven us to this new version. 

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Good News, Bad News for Software Vendors

October 7, 2015

The Good News:  The good news is that commerce today is global in scope. Products manufactured in Spain are marketed in Brazil, Japan and Canada. Investments, supply chains, and manufacturing infrastructures are producing wares for consumption in virtually every country on earth. 

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[Infographic] How Does Software Piracy Happen?

September 30, 2015

Software piracy can happen in a blink of an eye. Check out our latest infographic to see how software piracy happens, how quickly it's adopted by your prospects (often unknowingly), and how it negatively impacts your software revenues.

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