Compliance Partners

Software Compliance Agency

Software Compliance Agency was founded to help software companies recover revenue from license misuse which costs the industry billions annually.  Software Compliance Agency has developed a unique methodology for identifying license misuse. This methodology does not involve audits providing fast results and no financial risk for software companies.  As well by not using audits, this methodology does not damage client relationships.  Software Compliance Agency has identified and recovered millions across the globe.  Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Software Compliance Agency has partnered with V.i. Labs to provide a full suite of products and services to recover revenue from unpaid license usage.

Software Compliance Group

Software Compliance Group (SCG) was founded by experts in global software license compliance. Its services enable Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to recover license revenue by ensuring that enterprise customers pay for all of the licenses they are using. SCG offers both outsourced license compliance programs and license compliance training services to support a variety of ISV needs. SCG has a global network of partners that allows it to leverage local expertise to recover revenue from even the most challenging geographies.