CodeArmor Intelligence
Software Usage Tracking

Revenue recovery begins with discovery.

See who is using your software and how.

You know that there are unpaid versions of your product out there, but how can you measure the problem? You’d like to recover revenue lost to unauthorized software use, but where to begin?

CodeArmor® Intelligence’s software usage tracking addresses these concerns, enabling you to recover revenue from people using unpaid software.

CodeArmor Intelligence will:

  • Automatically discover who is using your software with an unpaid license.
  • Collect detailed software usage information such as user location, usage history and number of unique machines, as well as system and network attributes.
  • Integrate easily into and other CRM systems.
  • Work seamlessly with existing license enforcement systems including Flexera, SafeNet, Reprise, WIBU and IBM LUM.

Find out how much V.i. Labs can recover for you.

Supported Platforms