Monetize Software Piracy


You suspect you have a software piracy problem, but you have no way to quantify the risk. V.i. Labs offers software piracy assessment services that will confirm whether your software is being pirated, the extent of the piracy, how piracy is enabled, and uncover approaches to reduce your piracy risk.


V.i. Labs CodeArmor Intelligence enables vendors to detect and track illegal use and quantify the adoption of pirated software by prospects and customers. Armed with this intelligence, vendors are able to measure the actual impact of piracy on their business and make data driven decisions to recover revenue previously lost to piracy.


  • Direct Compliance Programs

    The actionable data generated from CodeArmor Intelligence allows vendors to accelerate their revenue recovery efforts, add new customers, and expand the scope of their existing license compliance programs. V.i. Labs has also partnered with Software Compliance Group to enable customers to accelerate the conversion of infringing organizations to paying customers by using outsourced compliance services that take advantage of a global network of investigators, attorneys, and revenue recovery experts.

  • Automated Compliance Programs

    CodeArmor Control offers an innovative approach in situations when Direct Compliance programs are not feasible or when the primary use of unlicensed software is by end users. Once the pirated software has been adopted CodeArmor enables software providers to dynamically display alerts, upgrade programs or expire access to promote compliance and reduce inadvertent adoption of pirated software with an automated low-touch approach.