Control Unpaid Use


CodeArmor Control enables software vendors to gather intelligence on the use and misuse of their applications. While the availability of unlicensed software in piracy distribution channels may provide vendors with insight on the supply of their cracked applications, it does not address the issue of demand for these applications. CodeArmor Control provides vendors with data on the actual use of unlicensed applications so they can measure the true scope and impact of this problem.


Armed with this data, vendors are now able to examine a more reliable picture of the impact of unlicensed software. The data shows them how many machines have unlicensed software installed on them, how frequently it is used, where those machines are located geographically, whether they are associated with businesses or other institutions, which features are being used, and more. Vendors are able to uncover trends in the data that can be used to build business rules on how different scenarios should be addressed.


Once analyzed, vendors can create multiple responses designed into the software that control the behavior of the application based on use. Using CodeArmor Control data-driven rules, vendors can target specific responses to different scenarios of unlicensed use to specific adopters. There are three classes of responses:

  • Prevent (limit or restrict access to an unlicensed application)
  • Educate (send targeted messages to the user of unlicensed software within the application)
  • Recover (generate the license revenue that was previously lost to unlicensed use)

The responses can be used individually or combined to create an escalation process that best meets the vendor’s goals.