Software Piracy Trends: Good News for Software Vendors in 2016

January 26, 2016

Would you be surprised to learn that software piracy is occurring at 100% of the top 50 engineering schools? Probably not, but what does that mean? What about the Fortune 100 or top 100 software companies? Join V.i. Labs' Vice President of Products and Strategy, Vic DeMarines, as he presents software piracy statistics gathered from our global [...]

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How Adobe Protects Customers From Software Piracy

September 17, 2015

Adobe Systems has a long and storied history of dealing with software piracy. But its newest compliance strategy takes a different approach: treating software piracy as a business issue affecting customers, while also creating a new revenue stream. Richard Atkinson, Corporate Director, Global Piracy Conversion Team at Adobe, discusses their shift [...]

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Ecommerce Strategies for Converting Unpaid Users to Paying Customers

June 25, 2015

Mike Schramm - former head of Autodesk's Global eCommerce Programs and Business Operations - discusses how to apply ecommerce strategies to convert unpaid users of your software into paying customers. V.i. Labs' VP of Products, Vic DeMarines, will discuss what it means to be an "unpaid user" of software. Did you know that 83% of users of unpaid [...]

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Sales Strategies that Guarantee Revenue Recovery

April 16, 2015

Join Software Compliance Group’s Jason Swan and learn how taking a sales approach to license compliance will help you accelerate and operationalize license revenue recovery. Jason discusses appropriate strategies based on regional and situational considerations.

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Global License Compliance Review:
Lessons from 2014 Software Usage Data

February 10, 2015

V.i. Labs' Vice President of Product and Strategy, Vic DeMarines, reviews intelligence garnered from our global software usage data. Vic looks at emerging trends in unpaid software and what this means for license compliance strategies in 2015.

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